Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taking a break from black metal

We've been back from Germany for a few days now, and while the exhibition looks rad and we had a wonderful trip, it's reeeeally nice that it's all over now. Like, so incredibly nice.
We're actually only home for a little while and then we're off to Japan again, but at least there's no planning involved in that... or long ass drives! Just good friends and good food and probably lots and lots of radiation... oh, wait, not a great thing...
Anyway, i hope i'll be able to post some more tattoo pictures, since they've been increasingly rare here, considering this is a tattoo blog and all. But Black Metal March being all secret and shit has not made that easy for me!
But at least i had Allan send me a few "older-but-still-pretty-new" pictures yesterday, and that definitely is better than no tattoo pictures at all, right?

Part of a still ongoing sleeve on Natalie

I've been updating the blog ever so subtly this week. The "Travel & Guests" tab is now "News & Events", for instance. This is because i needed the tab to be a bit broader to include fun shop events like Halloween, something we hope to do more of this year. There's also a calendar now that you can check to see when we're doing something fun at the shop, or elsewhere!
I've updated the faq and other stuff too, and as usual, you're welcome to let me know if there's something you think i need to add to that.

Oh, and some info about the exhibition! I know i wrote in the previous post that it's there until the 13th of May, and it technically still is, but the owners of the gallery are going on vacation from the 1st of April till the 3rd of May, and that's, well, pretty close to being the whole exhibition period! So the gallery will be closed throughout April, but if you want to go see the show (and why wouldn't you? It's both awesome and amazing!), you can send them an email ( to let them know when you're coming, and they'll make sure someone is there to let you in. Easy as that!
We'll be posting a few pictures from the opening soon, either here or on Allan's blog, or maybe both, and in the meantime, you can see a sneak peek over on my blog!

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