Friday, August 24, 2012

Conspiracy summer

Just so you don't think these past few weeks have been all about black metal and art shows, here are some random shots of what everyone has been up to. Not enough, but hey, we've been too busy to take pictures, dammit!

Me and Allan went undercover to pick up Nick at the airport earlier this month

Our disguises were almost too successful, cause he literally did not recognize us

Lucifer is also a master of disguise!

Here's Allan and Matthew having one of many consultations... this however was the only outdoor one (but probably not the only one that involved milkshakes!)
A kitty eating a sandwich, by Electric Pick

Nick did paintings of me and Allan, and Matthew did one of Nick, so he wouldn't be too jealous

Milkshakes and bubble tea during the mini heatwave... also, Allan in shorts!!

 Chihuahua of Denmark by Matthew Gordon

Half a backpiece in one session, by Wendy Pham

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Super limited, super awesome

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