Sunday, November 18, 2012

Booking info, and hellooo cold and wet Copenhagen!

Hi there, we're back from Japan!
Sorry for not posting much while we were over there, but we rarely had internet access, so i figured i might as well wait. But if you wanna see what we've been up to, check out my blog and Allan's photo blog, they have a few stories.
Allan did some awesome tattoos at Inkrat, most of which you can see on his instagram, and we both got our tattoos finished by Shige, which of course was awesome, but also a little sad, cause we've been enjoying going to Yellow Blaze to get tattooed for quite a few years now.
Who knows, maybe we'll get tattooed there again in the future? I hope so!
We also had some rad sightseeing days, and got to hang out with a bunch of our favorite people, so we pretty much had the best trip ever, like we always do.
We miss you Japan!!! (Sorry about that little outburst, but it's very cold and gray here in Cph already!)

We only got back Friday night, but we're already busy packing.
Moving to Berlin in a few weeks, remember?
Yeah, kind of a lot to do before that!
So far we're working on the living room at home... damn, we got a lot of stuff, but i'm sure anyone who've seen our shop is completely unsurprised by that, am i right?

So, about Berlin...
As i mentioned in an earlier post, we're gonna be booking a few clients in mid-December, just so Allan doesn't forget how to tattoo while we build our new shop!
So if you wanna get tattooed sometime between the 10th and 20th of December IN BERLIN (sorry for cap'ing out there, but i don't wanna risk getting email about booking in Copenhagen!), send me an email ( and i'll see what i can do.
People on the waiting list, and clients with pieces already in progress, are first served of course, and we'd prefer large one-shots that can be finished in 4-7 hours.
We will not be in Berlin at all between Christmas and New Years, so again, this is only for mid-December.

As of January, we'll be back to booking from the waiting list, so if you're already on there, get ready to receive an email about an early 2013 appointment.
And for those who want to be on the waiting list, i have just decided that it will open in January.
There, done, decided, start thinking of clever ideas!

Ok, i think that's it for now.
I will update the faq soon with our new address and directions and all that, so you won't get lost trying to find us in an actual big city!
But seriously, we won't be harder to find than we are now, so you're good.

One session chestpiece on Soyoon who's obviously one tough cookie

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  1. OMG I didn't know took this huge one with my ugly damn face! haha
    I miss at that time so much! still so happy for my awesome inked tho. I you guys again also get tattooed by uncle again!!!!! lml<3<3