Monday, March 11, 2013

More guest news!

I feel like we're so close to being done with the shop.
We spent more than a few hours in the work room this weekend, and today our electrician finished a pretty complicated lamp contraption, so i'm feeling good about our progress.
While i'm still not 100% sure it'll be completely finished by the time Wendy and Matthew get here (which is soooon!), i am pretty certain we'll be done and ready to put one more chair in the work room when Joey gets here.
That's right, we've got another guest to announce (as if the headline hadn't tipped you off!) and it is indeed our buddy Joey Ortega from Austin, who's previously worked with us at the old shop in Copenhagen.
He'll be dropping by Berlin to work for a few days in April, specifically from the 8th till the 12th of April, and well, you should probably get tattooed by him!

If you'd like to book with him, here's how to do it: send an email with your ideas for the design and placement to and remember that the ideas have to be fun and also something that can be finished in one session.
To see more of Joey's work, check out his website and instagram.

 More updates to come soon, hopefully!

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