Saturday, August 10, 2013


Or just bunny, really... but bunnies! sounded better in my head.

Anyway, Matthew found this rabbit drawing in his giant pile of stuff that recently got shipped here from Australia, and he never did this as a tattoo!
I know, what a shame, but he'd still very much like to do this, or something similar, so if you're interested, send him an email, he still has openings in August and September, so you won't even have to wait much! 

Oh, and in case i somehow forgot to mention this, or just mentioned this on twitter: Matthew and Wendy are staying in Berlin and at Conspiracy Inc. indefinitely (they have an apartment and pets and bicycles and everything!) so you won't have to worry about either of them skipping town while working on a big tattoo project, they ain't going nowhere.
And you can book with Wendy too, of course (!
She'd love to do some more skull tattoos... just sayin'.

So yeah, tattoos, bunnies, skulls, do it!

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