Monday, October 28, 2013


Heey... so that post i was gonna do to remind you of the Oktoberfest party?
Yeah, i didn't have time for that, because holy crap has this month been busy, but here's a little mixed update post, with lots of pictures from the party, and of course a few tattoos.

The party was so much fun... like, crazy fun!
Probably the best one we've even had, and that's probably because it involved costumes, food, drinking, and dancing, but no tattooing!
Our Halloween parties in Denmark were fun too, but people tend to wanna go home after getting tattooed (always leaving us as the only people wanting to hang out late), but this time most people hung around till 4 in the morning, so we finally got the party we wanted!
And while it wasn't an official opening party, it kinda was anyway, and we're happy it was such a good one, and we got to spend it with such lovely people.

Next up on the Conspiracy Agenda is Walk-in Weekend (November 8th - 10th), and i will certainly update you about that during the next week or so... promise!

Uncle Allan started this thigh piece on our friend Kinga

A lovely present from Heather from Canada

Tattoo by Wendy Pham

Fall in Berlin!

Tattoo by Electric Pick

Drawing night with Electric Pick, Brian and Aron from Scapegoat Tattoo and Heather

Party decorations?

Uncle Allan, Oktoberfest edition!

Wendy, all done up in dirndl and wig!

I wore a wig and dirndl too, but sadly i didn't have any lederhosen for Lucifer...

All dressed up and ready to cook some weisswurst!

We weren't the only ones in costume, blurry Kinga dressed up too!

So did Jess and Amanda


Eating knödel with chopsticks is totally German, right?


And dancing! 
Nope, that's definitely not a dance-off to Bootylicious... nope, no way...

The day after the party was Nick's birthday, and the day after that, we had a Dinobaby visit! 
Another drawing night in the attic....

Also among our many recent visitors: my parents! And they brought us awesome stuff, like apples, homemade bread, skulls, and tons of other goodies, like this old filing cabinet

Some flea market finds, some fox skulls kindly donated by my parents' neighbors, and a sheep skull that my parents found in their village... swoon!

Cat bus by Uncle Allan

Sexy sailor by Electric Pick

Huge front piece cover-up in progress by Matthew Gordon

Ok, that's it for now, but i'll be back soon with some Walk-in Week updates!

Ps. Do you also really fucking hate feeling ripped off by after-Christmas sales in early January?
Yeah, that's annoying as hell, right?
Well, Clandestine Republic is having a pre-Christmas sale on the Red Box comic, all fancy gift wrapped and stuff. A sale when you actually need it, yay!

Pps. Sorry for even mentioning the C-word in October, it's very much not like me...

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