Friday, January 9, 2015

Worlds BIGGEST set of flash

So... Lately we have gotten quiet a lot of emails with questions like: "Is it true that this new set of flash from Jakub Settgast is the biggest set of flash ever made?" and "Did Jakub really travel back in time to get these amazing flash sheets as authentic as possible?" and "Is it true that Jakub used real burned Harley Davidson tires for ink making this shit cool set of flash?" and "Does Jakub Settgast have a Bigcartel store where I can spend my money?" and "Will I get more tail if I have this new set of flash hanging on my walls?"
To all of these questions I have to answer... Yes! Yes it is true... except the part about being the biggest set of flash, ever... that might not be true...
But what I have been asked the most has to be "so where can I buy this amazing new flash set from Jakub Settgast?" and yes I do have an answer for that one too.
Right HERE!
... In case you didn't get, that "here" is a link, then here is the address:

Here is a small preview of this old school piece of awesomeness that is the new set of flash from Jakub Settgast.

.... While we are at it... I too have some new stuff on the Conspiracy Inc. Bigcartel. These two naughty girls was supposed to be a part of a Ménege à trois of dirty paintings, a sexual trilogy... or just a series of 3 dirty paintings. Well, he changed his mind so now they are up for grabs.
So get your perv on and go to the webstore... HERE!
... again for the ones who didn't get that "here" is a link, here is the address

So that sums it up for this blog post. Good night and stay safe out there... and also stay classy... and..
well... see you soon

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