Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How are you guys doing?

What's up everybody?
What's new? What's happening?
Well here at Conspiracy Inc. stuff is brewing. Changes is in progress.
I will wait a bit before revealing more about these things but there is still stuff I can tell you about.

We are still looking for one artist to join the crew. I think some people took the add a bit tooooo serious.... Chill people... I just really want a great artist who wants to make great tattoos with us great people! So send us a mail with your work and a bit about yourself. Don't be shy! But please... no apprentices and please note that I am looking for a tattooer who has experience. Thanks.

The pre-sale of the Black Metal book has started and will go on till the end on june. There is a normal preorder option and then.... OMG... there is the VIP option! Not only will you get the amazing black metal book as soon as it comes out but with the VIP you will also get two prints (specially made for this), 3 postcards and some stickers to go along with the fancyness. I am also hoping to throw in a patch to put on you sweet ass battle west.
You can go check out more details about the book HERE
And order your copy HERE

Speaking of ordering stuff...
I just added a bunch of originals to the Conspiracy Inc. webstore. I also added the leftover t-shirts and totebags that I got made for the Brighton convention, so it is on a limited amount left and these will not be re-printed. Go shop 'em HERE

There is also a bunch of paintings left on the Dirty Secret Club that I would like to get rid of. It's hard for me to get motivated to paint something new as long as I have a stack of paintings that is waiting for new homes. For you who are already members you know where to go. I am having a sale on 4 of my latest pieces there. Email me at onkelallan@gmail.com

There is also some good news for those of you who have been waiting for me to come back to the states. I looks like I will make it back not just once but twice in the foreseeable future. First plan is to go to Portland in July. A place I have been wanting to visit for many years and I am excited to get the chance to work with one of my all time heroes, Seth Ciferri, and the rest of the cool gang at Lombard Street tattoo. Dates to come pretty soon.
Then for the east coast people, I will be returning to my New York peeps at Red Rocket Tattoo from the 12th of October till the 30th of October. You can email me at onkelallan@gmail.com to book for these trips... or in general.

It also looks like I will be back in Bergen in the end of August. No dates set yet but keep it in mind and keep an eye on here or on my own blog or twitter or instagram... something... Dates to come soon.

Now that these trips are coming into place, I can might as well start booking from June till November. Just send a mail with idea, placement, size, budget and what not to Onkelallan@gmail.com. Yes there is still a few open spots I would like to fill in both June and Juli so pack your sunscreen and shorts and come hang by the canal with a cold beer and come see me and get a cool tattoo. Yep! I will be hiding inside tattooing.

September should be interristing too. If everything goes according to plan, we will have the pleasure of having the amazing Electric Pick back with us for most of the month. But keep an eye on his own profiles here and there for more info. Speaking of Nick... Go check out his store for books and prints and posters... I know there will be a brand new one up soon. HERE

Ok... I think that's all I have time for this time, but I will try to come back soon with more updates.

See you all soon!

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