Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two year makeover

For over two years now, we've had the crazy turquoise walls.
And while we still think they're pretty, it's definitely time for something new.
So the second Nick came back from Australia, the planning started.
We already agree on a color and theme, so now we just have to find a weekend to do it.
And since we're all kinda busy at the moment, we decided it'll be in May.

Now, i figured that if i wrote about it here, it would be kind of official and there would be a smaller chance of us forgetting or postponing.
So if you come by the shop in mid May and it still looks like this, feel free to rub our faces in this post!

It's still pretty i guess, but we need change dammit!
And here is a pictures of the shop as i was leaving today, before it got dark, woohoo (sorry about that, we've had a couple of really late days)
Our client... and Allan's hair!
We still haven't posted any tattoos on this here new blog.
If you wanna see what kept us at the shop so late last night, go check out Allan's blog!


  1. Hey, been there!

    Cool blog, enjoy!

    Marco & Mariko
    Tokyo/Rotterdam love affair ;)

  2. Make the shop look like a Victorian museum!