Tuesday, February 10, 2009

E.P. >>> Back from the East !

Welcome to the Conspiracy blog to all !!

A new step in our ever growing grand master plan to take over the world wide webs !! I will be posting here once in a while with shop related doings and calendar related movings for your following pleasure !!

Check up once in a while to know the facts , wether based on loose facts or loosely based on facts !!

Enjoy and let us know what ya think about it all !!

EP-News : I have just returned from the Orient and will be back behind my Conspiracy office to help you repent your inkless sins starting from Thursday the 12th of February ! Drop by (always after 2pm) with coffee for a chat (Double espresso / black) if you're in the hood !

More fantastic news later - As it happens !!

EP >>>> out !