Monday, September 21, 2009

New artist at the shop

We've been keeping secrets from you, dearest blog readers and we feel terrible about that.
But we do have some good news for you!
Remember this guy?
That's Eckel by the way, if you're too lazy to check the link.
Anyway, he's moving to Denmark and will be working at our shop!
Told you it was good.

So if you're interested in booking with him, send us an email or drop by the shop.
We'll update the myspace soon with some more of his pictures and he'll be bringing a new portfolio to the shop too.

He'll be at the shop to talk to anyone interested in getting tattooed on October 2nd, so come on down!


  1. YAYYYYY!!

    Eckel told me he was moving to CPH and I'd guessed it would be to work with you guys but now its official - yayyyy!

    Twice as tough on my wallet now, I will need Eckel and Allan tattoos at the same time!!!xxx

  2. Åh hvor sejt! Tillykke med ny mand på holdet!

  3. got to love his stuff! looking forward to get one! awesomeness!