Monday, January 11, 2010

New shop address and map!

Today we went by the new shop again.
Renovations seem to be going great, but since there's so much to do, it's hard to say when exactly it'll be finished and when we'll have the opening party.
But we've decided to make the official moving day, at least for now, March 1st.
So anyone booked after March 1st, or anyone dropping by for a consultation, should do so at our new address:

Schleppegrellsgade 7, kld.
2200 København N

The new shop is the "A" and our current shop is the red/black dot, it may look far, but it's actually just a 10 minute walk (it's true i timed it!)
And a closer look

We'll still send out emails with the address and map info, but now you have it here too.
Wow, it seems so real now...
I'm so used to being secretive, cause nothing was confirmed 100%, but now it's really out there!

To our foreign clients coming from the airport:
-Take the train or metro from inside the terminal
-Get off at Nørreport Station
-Walk down Frederiksborggade
-Cross Dr. Louise's Bridge
-After you've crossed the bridge you either turn right and walk along the lakes, or go down the next street, Ravnsborggade, until you get to Schleppegrellsgade.

Like so: