Friday, January 8, 2010

Toy exodus

I started packing already.
Well, a little bit of packing anyway.
I had one tiny little box lying around and i needed to do something, so i packed up some of the stuff around my fortress.
Bye bye toy buddies, see y'all soon
There wasn't actually room for all of them, just the ones in my office
Newest additions to the family: lego Conspiracy crew, a present from some recent Aussie clients
My (way too small) Booska collection
Don't worry, pervy John MacCain, you're coming with us

Next week i'm gonna start packing for reals, in big boxes.


  1. Phew! Good to see you have some LEGO mini figs, I was getting worried for a second there and was going to post you some. Everybody should have LEGO, but I am biased because I work for them. :)

  2. But of course, not having LEGO would make us traitors to our kingdom, i think.
    We got lots of star wars LEGO keychains too!

    Ps. Lucky!!