Monday, July 5, 2010


So, here we are.
It's July and we still haven't set a date for the opening party we were supposed to have back in May.
I don't know exactly when it's gonna be, but i can say that it's not gonna be this month either.

We've long accepted that the shop is never gonna be completely finished, so we shouldn't wait for that to happen, but there are a few more things we'd like to see done before we invite everyone to come see our new home.
There are still lamps that needs to be fixed and hung, and stuff that needs to be painted.
And then there's of course the big, gaping hole in our kitchen ceiling that's about to get a whole lot bigger.
I almost can't handle the thought of more construction dust, but water leaks need to be fixed, even if they aren't technically our problem.

I wanna say that the party will be in late August-early September, but since shit seems to happen a lot, i'm not making any promises!

So instead of an exciting news post, or even one with tattoos in it, you get a plants-and-random-crap-around-the-shop post!

Office window
Last week i planted sunflowers and poppies, and today i planted carrots, radishes and peas (not pictured)... all the unnamed plants in the back were there before, i just moved them a bit
More herbs and veggies, if i don't manage to kill them, outside the kitchen window
My birthday flower is still alive!
While digging in the garden i found several buried treasures, this one even made it inside
This one wasn't found in the soil, but it in an antique shop for 10 kr.
It never friggin ends, does it...

Ok, more garden related posts coming soon*, and some tattoo stuff too i guess.

*Yes, i'm aware that i'm the only one who cares about project carrot, but it's my blog, so the vegetable posts are happening whether you like it or not!


  1. Jeg er nede med Projekt Gulerod. Og speaking of ting du gror, hvordan har Ege-gon det?

  2. I for one am excited to see the carrot progress!