Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sanna is done, you guys

I know the label of this post says "In progress: Sanna" but don't let labels fool you, dear readers, this backpiece is in fact... finished.
Yes, you read that right, a finished backpiece.
A rare occasion indeed, and we're grateful to the always cheerful trooper, and bringer of Swedish strawberries, Sanna, for not being an Adolf Quitler!

This is actually her second session in less than a week, so this picture is a bit of a half healed/half almost healed/half fresh mess
Fully healed pictures coming in October

The whole thing took about a year, almost to the date, and by choosing the before mentioned Sanna label in the dropdown menu to your right, you can see the the progress from drawing to finished tattoo.
I tried to document it as good as i could, and i only missed a couple of sessions.

Anyway, congratulations to both Allan and Sanna, you guys rock!