Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The green room

Here's a picture of the shelves i put up yesterday.
We found them at a flea market this weekend, and although i paid more than i should have (everyone does at that market) i still think they were good finds.
Now we just have a few books out front, and most of them are just there because they're decorative.
I'm so glad we moved the IKEA bookcase into the drawing room/library, it never did belong in our lovely front room anyway!

Cozy corner
Mr. Owl
A lamp we also found at the flea market

Some day i'll get someone else to take some real shop pictures for you.
But we have to wait until the kitchen is done... soooo, around the time of not-in-a-million-years, would be my guess?
Yeah, the optimism is long gone!

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  1. Jeg vil bo i det Grønne Rum! Med ugler, kranier og naked ladies!! Det er så sejt!!