Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ah, Friday, you're the best.
In spite of still very runny noses, and increasingly chilly weather, we had such a nice day today.
Me and Allan came in late and studied Japanese while the boys worked in the other room.
We got caught up pretty good on Hiragana, and it would have been even more efficient if we hadn't decided to take a detour from our dog walk, to go visit our sweet neighbors at The Sailors Grave.
Relaxed days like this one are few and far between, and i appreciate the hell out of them!

Another use for the drawing room
Nick finished the "Four Seasons as told to you by Hot Naked Chicks" sleeve today, but because it's one of those half healed/half fresh situations, you only get a sneak peek
See the finished piece in all its naked glory in about a month on the Electric Plog

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