Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friends 4eva

I wish i could say that this Sunday was just like any other Sunday spent at the shop with two of my favorite people, and not the Sunday before the Monday that i have been dreading for so long.
But it wasn't.
It was, and is, the day before Nick leaves us*, and while thinking about that sucks, sucks, sucks, we spent it just the way i'd hoped we would; hanging out at the shop and getting stupid tattoos together.

Before this, Nick hadn't been tattooed in about 7 years... no, really!
Aaaand, by the looks of it, he hadn't missed it much
A viking indeed!

So, Nick got the viking tattoo he'd been wanting for so long, but the party didn't stop there.
We needed buddy tattoos as well.
Of course we did.
Nick did the drawing and Allan did the stencil that was used on all three of us.

 Nick went first
Next up was Allan (Nick is concentrating hard on trying to figure out Allans machine, and the whole "stencil" concept too)
I was the last one up
Well, what else could it be?
Happy nerds
As a special treat for Nicks clients, i hereby give you a video of your tormentor being tormented... you all earned it!

*I wanna say more on the subject, cause lots more needs to be said, but i think i'll leave it at that for now.
I wanna be able to stay in denial just a little longer.


  1. i love to see that happy face at the clip ! :-))

  2. WAIT WAIT NO NO WAIT!!!! This is taken completely out of context !!!! It's not fair!! Scratch lines are not stupid!!! Just before the cameras were rolling I had declared a opposites zone!! You know, when everything is the opposite !!!! So ... Yeah!! Ok !

    Boy! I should have the Japanese whaling fleet write my spins from now on!!!!

    I got two tattoos this year ! I'm a tough guy again!

  3. So lovely to see Nick getting tattooed, thanks for sharing!!!

  4. YES, YES AND YES!!! Finally!!

  5. Yeah, i thought you guys might appreciate that!!