Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More projects

Yesterday my parents drove in from the country with our new dark room.
Or, everything we're gonna need to put in it, that is. The room itself has yet to be built, but we're working on it.
And we're wondering why the shop is never gonna be finished?
Maybe we shouldn't.

I have no pictures of the back room, because it's a total mess, but i do have a picture of my new custom made granny blanket!


  1. oh i love the colours! so much nicer than the one i picked up at my local charity shop - it's got neon pink in..eeuk! but prehaps i'm being to fussy because they are hard to find these days!

  2. pretty nice blanket ! i wish, i could try it.

  3. did you knit it?! ive been thinking about making one from scratch but it's just finding someone to teach me and finding the time! argh!