Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 London Convention

Just a quick announcement about the London Convention, since i'm starting to get a lot of mail on that subject:

Yes, Uncle Allan will be working there, but no, you can't book an appointment.
Allan will show up with a bunch of line drawings ready to tattoo, and if you like on of them, and there are no other people in front of you, you can get tattooed.
So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, get to his booth early.
If you want a custom design, please sign up for the waiting list to get tattooed in Copenhagen.

Eckel will be at the convention, but he'll be there as a visitor only.
If he chooses to do a guest spot while in the UK, i will put the dates in the "Travel and Guests" section.

Questions? Post a comment here.


  1. hi ! is allen jus do the lines, or wih any colors ?

  2. This is the right way to do the convenction!Bravo Allan

  3. Hi!
    Are there restrictions about what parts of the body can be tattooed?


  4. Yes, many, thanks for asking!
    No ribs, necks, backs or, like, back of thighs. Think easy spots like a lower arm or lower leg. Something that won't be too uncomfortable for you, and won't break Allan's back.


  5. Ok, then I suppose there's no problem about fist. I'm comming from Spain, so I will try to get early to his booth so as to get tattooed.

    Thank you Amalie!