Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hail Satan... and birthday cake!

As promised in the last post: costume pictures (or a sort)!

For Allan's birthday last month Eckel got the great idea to surprise him with a black metal themed barbecue.
Allan and our friends had thrown me a surprise party, my first ever, a few days earlier, and because of that, it all of a sudden seemed kinda lame to just have a barbeque like he'd asked for.
So, he already knew of the barbeque part, but i (cleverly i must say) got him to stay home a little longer while we "decorated the shop", while in fact, as you can see, we where decorating our faces with some sick-ass corpse paint... and cow paint... and pentagrams... and skulls... and Peter Kriss...!?
Anyway, when he arrived we were barbequing in the street outside the shop, all dressed up, and yes, he was surprised!

Me, Anne, Corey and Thomas
Corey, Rasmus and Eckel
You'd think Eckel had previous experience with this, right? He claims no, but i'm not convinced...
 As soon as Allan arrived, we got him working on his face

A few instagram pictures of Allan, me and a very un-metal birthday cake (what? I like them sugary and cheerful!)
The Wookie and the Eckel
Young and Rabu looking gloomy as hell

Hotdog... of DOOOM!
Mille was a cow... a very viscous one!
A present (i didn't get pictures of all of them, but they were all great)
Another one... bubbles!!
Happy birthday for life, yo!

Allan had a great birthday, and he enjoyed the corpse paint so much that he even kept it on for the bike ride home (ok, i did too... it's super fun!)

I don't think we've even used the Dancook 7200 since this wonderful night, but in our defense, we've been out of town on the sunny days, and the rest of the time, the weather has been shit.
Like it is today.
Come back, summer... please?


  1. AHAHa that was a good idea ! Its makes me wanna get maried in this way. ahah !

    hope you had fun.

  2. VOLL GEIL !!!!!!!! JAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  3. PS Allen : Happy Birthday !!!
    <8-D ***

  4. Jeg skulle SÅ meget ha droppet Berlin for Allans fødselsdag! Øv!

  5. Epic! Metal BBQ's are the future....Hahaha
    Tillykke med fødselsdagen