Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween guests, part one

Halloween update time! (Isn't this exciting?)
I just got confirmation from Mr. Chriss Dettmer that he will indeed be joining us for Halloween-Super-Spooky-Fun-Day on the 29th of October!
Chriss will draw up some scary flash you can choose from on the day, which no doubt will be awesome, so go ahead and get excited about that.

More updates coming soon, so check back often!

Ps. I'm getting a lot of mail these days about purchasing the metal and Halloween flash (no doubt they're mostly from people who stop reading our posts about halfway through, so this might not help at all!), so just to try and clear things up:
The London Flash has not been printed and is not for sale.
Same goes for the Halloween flash, which isn't even done yet.
This post on Allan's blog was about an opportunity for those who missed out in London, and anyone else for that matter, to come to Copenhagen and get one of the pieces from the flash set tattooed.
You can still come get the London flash tattooed on Saturday, so feel free to email me about a price quote or just to check if your favorite piece is still available. Walk-ins are welcome too, although those who are already booked in will be tattooed first.
Ok, rant over!

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