Friday, October 21, 2011

Update, now with sneak peek

With only little over a week to go before Halloween Day at Conspiracy Inc, i figured it was time for a little sneak peek of the designs that will be available. Don't you?
Allan is painting his sheet as i write this, so it will be done soon... maybe even today?
He will post more previews on his instagram and twitter, so go stalk him there if you would like to see more.
As for Chriss Dettmer's sheet, you will just have to wait until the 29th to see that!

More details in the following days, like what time to show up and stuff, but i hope you already have your costume picked out, and you're ready to hang out and eat snacks and get tattooed... and be spooked, of course!!

Epic flash epicness

I'm probably gonna end up saying this again, but since the last flash day was for the London flash, which was fancy-semi-custom-not-to-be-reproduced-flash, it's worth mentioning more than once: the Halloween flash is just that; actual flash. That means there are no limits to how many times a piece can be done, so there will be no need to fight over that sweet Dracula, or whatever you have your heart set on. You can all get it!*

*In theory, but in reality, that would be super boring, so please don't all get the same thing!


  1. argghhh! damn me not being able to get to Cph!

    I want a pumpkin!!!

  2. Not that all comments aren't appreciated, they are, but the next one better be from someone who's actually coming!!

    (Next year, perhaps, Sam?)

  3. By Halloween do you mean, Halloween halloween or the almost as famous Zhorgon version which is the exact same holiday except it's in January! Cuz then I'll be coming to that one!!

    I love the castle and crossbones!!!!

  4. I'll be there next year, with bells on!