Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Here goes the neighborhood

I guess it is about time we introduce the newest addition to the ever changing Conspiracy family. He has now been with us for a month and I still don't want to kill him so I think I'll keep him...for now...
Let me intruduce.... 
Mr. Jakub Settgast

As you can see above, we are dealing with one bad mofo. A speed devil, a free spirit, a lone rider (when he isn't riding with his wife and two kids) and a all around tough guy! 
I first met Jakub about 8 years ago when he was a smaller, more emo version of the bad ass we see today. He came to get tattooed by me in Copenhagen and now many years later and in a different country, I have the pleasure to tattoo beside him.

  I am happy that he is a better tattooer than photo editor, so here is a small selection of photos of his work and there is more to be found in his tab in the top of the page.

Allthough he is all about Harley Davidsons and boobies and Death Metal, he still have a soft spot for Robyn so I will end this post with a little video to say welcome to Conspiracy Inc.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I want to tell you that I want so much to make a tattoo
    and now I already know what to do and I think that they are very,very cool!