Friday, December 12, 2014

Thank you and goodbye ❤

Dearest readers of this blog, and clients of Conspiracy Inc.

I'm sad to have to announce that i am no longer going to be working at Conspiracy Inc.
As most of you know, me and Allan split up earlier in the year, and while we initially planned on keeping the shop together, we've had to realize that it's just not working out.

I've had over 10 awesome years at three different locations, in two different countries, and it's been a fucking blast.
I've loved managing the shop, being part of the process of building and decorating each shop, taking pictures for the instagram, and just being a part of making the studio what it is today.
Hell, i even enjoyed the tube cleaning years!
But most of all getting to know so many awesome people.

Conspiracy Inc. has the worlds best clients, who've always been extremely generous and thoughtful, and i'm happy to have met them all, and to have the privilege of calling some of them my friends.

I started writing this blog way back in 2009, and whether you just come for the guest artist updates, pop by in a while to see what's new, or have been with me from the start; thanks so much for reading!

I wish Allan and his crew all the best in the future.

Ps. To make bookings easier, please write to: to book with Uncle Allan to book with Wendy Pham to book with Matthew Gordon
and to book with new guy Jakub Settgast

I could have posted any picture here, but i want you to remember me like this, dear readers: commanding a space ship while wearing Jeffrey Campbell's


  1. Change and evolution, I have no doubt you will all flourish in your own new ways. Best of luck to you all.

  2. Thanks for organising all my appointments across 3 studios in 2 countries! I'm sure well meet again but for now, good luck and be happy! Rich ;)