Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Decoration dreamin'

Ever since we decided that May was gonna be shop makeover month, i've been thinking about painting, putting up wallpaper (which i really hate doing, by the way), moving around the furniture, buying new stuff and putting up new art work.
But, to be honest, mostly wallpaper.
I pretty much wanna put up wallpaper everywhere.

This is the shop where we're gonna buy whatever wallpaper we decide to get.
They have a lot more at their showroom on Østerbro, but just looking at the website is pretty inspiring.

Maybe the shop will end up looking like this once we're done?
Or this?

Ok, maybe not, but there will be wallpaper and it will be magnificent!
And it's nice to have something AFTER Japan to look forward to.


  1. the red one! its fabulous! xxx

  2. Er du gal de har meget vildt tapet! Det blir sgu da svært at vælge!

  3. If those two are the options you have, I think you should leave it as it is! ;o)

  4. Haha, no no, the possibilities are endless!!
    It'll be awesome, just you wait and see!

  5. Åhhh mayn, jeg elsker tapet! Glæder mig til at se hvad i finder på :)