Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poland in the house

One in three tattoos done at the shop thursday and friday on some very nice, cake-bringing polish friends.

To check out the other two click here and here!


  1. What is up with you guys and cake! Haha, you always get cakes from people.

    I LOVE the second tattoo. Does "Grotesquery Conceiled" mean that they were cover-ups?

  2. No, i think it means Allan is an idiot and couldn't come up with a headline or something!

    And i don't know what's up with the cake thing either, but my stomach hurts...
    Note to all customers: next time, bring some carrots or apples too!

  3. hi hi it is a Dimmu Borgir title...I had to google it...pretty neat if headline if you ask me!

    ...and cake is ALWAYS welcome at the shop!!!