Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to the lounge

Mondays aren't always bad.
Especially if you can hang out in a nice, warm shop all day.

Today i didn't even open my computer.
Instead i had a "do-random-practical-stuff-around-the-shop-and-also-drink-lost-of-coffee" day.
So, i hung some paintings and cleaned up in places that hadn't been cleaned in a while.
Stuff like that.

But this post isn't really about me and my non-eventful day (sigh of relief from all readers).
No, it's (mostly) about one the the things i put up on the wall.
See, our second customer of the day had made a super realistic portrait of Allan, as a present.
Nice, right? We thought so.
It's done on a computer or something like that, pretty fancy stuff.

Without further ado (there's been enough ado already, wouldn't you say?), i give you Johann's antlered masterpiece:

And here's the artist himself, at the end of what will possibly be the final session on his awesome, and now also signed, sleeve*

Ok, i did do one more thing on my "do-random-practical-stuff-around-the-shop-and-also-drink-lost-of-coffee" day that i wanted to blog about.
The other day me and Allan bought some seat cushions that i stitched together to make one large super cushion, and today we brought it/them to the shop.
It now lives in the workroom, where i've been hanging out all day, cause it's just so damn comfortable.
And it's right next to the radiator too, so it's super warm.
Tomorrow i'm putting up some blinds, so we don't have to drag the screen out from the back room every time someone has to get partially naked.

The new lounge area, featuring the new artwork. The baskets are for the customers clothes and other personal items (another new thing we're trying out)

*Check Allans blog for pictures of the finished tattoo, they should be on their way


  1. that portrait is amazing! i want someone to do a cool one of me now! xxx

  2. Årgh! Yay for hjemmelavet hygge hjørne!

  3. Og hi hi, Michael så lige portrættet (godt nok på afstand) men spurgte om det var Hugh Hefner! Det var lidt sjovt!

  4. Haha, det er ikke nogen dårlig lookalike at ha', manden holder sig jo meget godt for 80!

  5. i wanna see that finished peacock!!!
    i demand photos!!!

  6. Alright alright, i'll see what i can do!