Tuesday, July 7, 2009

E.P. NEWS >>>> Summer getaway !!

Been a while !!

I seem to have omitted my June/July schedule of attendance at the shop ... Ooops ! These things happen sometimes when you're hella-busy !!

Here's the news of the day >>>>>>

Am getting ready to leave next week for a 2 month trip so you won't be seeing me at the shop till September ! I'll be working my way through the West American coast and collecting new adventure stories !!

SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 20th -21st - Guest spot at Fivetwo
SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 23rd -24th - Crashing the SDComicon
SAN DIEGO ,CA - July 27th -29th - Guest spot at Fivetwo again
LOS ANGELES ,CA - August 1st -2nd - Guest spot at Tabu Tattoo
SAN FRANCISCO ,CA - August 5th -6th - Guest spot at OneShot Tattoo
SAN FRANCISCO ,CA - August 10th -11th - Guest spot at OneShot Tattoo
Back to Europe , the long way ...
ROTTERDAM - September 1st - 5th - Guest spot at 25 to life

Will officially be back at the Conspiracy on the 8th of September ... So if you wanted to drop by and tell me , live , how much you missed me , that'll be the day to do it (After 2 Pm) !!

Take care out there , have a great Summer and check out my adventures once in a while !!! See yall in September !

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