Friday, July 17, 2009

August guest artist: Lewis Hess

Our good buddy Lewis Hess from Atlas Tattoo in Portland, Oregon is coming to visit us in August and while he's here he might as well do some tattoos, right?
Isn't it lucky we happen to have a tattoo shop then?!

We're not completely sure about the dates yet, but it'll probably look something like this:
August 20th, 21st and August 31st.

That means he has time for just a few tattoos while he's here, so contact us right now if you want in!
He will also be working a bit at Infamous in Stockholm, so if you're closer to the Sthlm than the Cph, contact Infamous or Lewis to book there.

Lewis and his trusty sidekick?
Some of his awesome work:


  1. I love the roller derby one, that's rad :) Atlas is a great shop, I have several from Jerry Ware!