Thursday, July 30, 2009

Say chees-u!

It's been too long since anything has happened on this blog, sorry about that.
But the shop has been busy and when the shop is busy, so are we!
And we do have our own blogs to update as well... you understand, right?

Here are some pictures from last friday at the shop.
Like i said, it had been a busy week (not regular-shop busy i guess, but Conspiracy-busy, nonetheless) with a guest artist and lots of clients and visitors.
Friday we had cake and took some shop photos.
It was Eckels idea, and a good one too.
For some reason we never think of doing that ourselves.

It's important to stretch before taking a good group photo
And, if you're Allan, it's also important to make your already huge hair extra fluffy
From left to right: Allan, Eckel, Eric, Lucifer and me, and the photographer is Christel
This one is actually kind of good
Allan did this one on Eric
Eckel did this on Christel (picture is a little yellow, but i'll get a healed photo as soon as it's, uhm, healed)
And this on Marisa earlier in the day

Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm actually on vacation, so i shouldn't even be here!

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  1. Jeg kender da de fjer på klovnen!

    Og SEJE gruppefotos!!!