Thursday, March 18, 2010

The bear and the egg man

I wasn't really gonna blog here until i had some news on the never ending front room, but since it looks like it'll be a few more days (or weeks, who the fuck knows at this point?) i changed my mind.
So here are some tattoos, before people start to forget about those.

Mathilda is looking relieved and relaxed after a short, but painful, session
And what did she get? A bear, of course!
How cute is this guy!?
And here's what Allan did today, a new (but not quite finished) addition to Björn from Germany's sleeve

Oh, there was one little front room update that i almost forgot about: hidden treasures under the very old wallpaper!
Gotta love those.

Who you gonna call? The Egg man!*

*No, really, this is the phone number for the egg man, whoever he was... the four digits prove that this was written some time ago.


  1. love the Eggman phone number - like a present from the past!
    Love to read your blog - I feel as though I have a very good idea of what the energy of your shop is like. Am desperate to come to Coppenhagen soon and get some ink :)

  2. the bear is quite beautiful. who made that?

  3. Thanks Hayley, we thought that was pretty funny too!
    There was a number for syrup too, that made even less sense!

    Adrian, Eckel made the bear.

  4. I am the egg man. They are the egg men. I am the walrus!


  5. The looks awesome! I bet it was painful too :)