Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Dettmer action

Alright, here are the pictures, as promised, of the tattoos Chriss did in the few days he was working at the shop.
Besides this one of course.

Laurits got a cup of coffee.... from hell!
Björn got himself a discreet little chestpiece
Sofie got a Dettmer-esque BirdSnakeSkullCreature
Rud got this very classy gentleman
And yours truly was lucky enough to get herself a thistle!

How about that?
Not bad for a extended weekend guest spot if you ask me.

Ps. I couldn't help but notice that we've had just a few more hits than usual these past couple of days, so instead of lurking anonymously, how about becoming a regular follower of this blog?
And maybe even dropping us a comment to say hi?
No pressure, but if you do, we promise we won't bite!


  1. awesome stuff...
    all the best wishes from germany...

    see ya
    cheers Tim

  2. Hej så!
    Jeg kigger med fordi i laver sådan nogle flotte fine ting! Og jeres snart færdige butik ser rigtigt rar ud!
    sådan, så er det sagt!
    Pyh, du havde ret, jeg har ingen bidemærker i fingrene efter at ha' skrevet hej!

    -kigger snart forbi igen fra de nye eventyr!

  3. super chriss !!!
    amalies thistle is awesome !!!

  4. Thanks Tim!

    fasterfis, se vi bider jo virkelig ikk*HAPS*!

    Lurking is not evil... sinister and sneaky maybe, but not evil!