Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wet cement

Look who has a floor now!
Not a floor we can use, but hey, getting there.

Bye bye Pit of Death and Doom
Sorry for the mess neighbors, it'll be over soon
Got started on the "i can't believe it's not Polaroids" wall (or door) today

Tomorrow we get internet at the shop, and i for one am pretty stoked about that!


  1. Okay, det gik sgu da alligevel pænt snappy med det gulv der? I forhold til hvordan det så ud i lørdags, er jeg imponeret!

  2. P.s. Supercool idé med den dør der!

  3. is it wrong I'm kinda disappointed the floor is fixed?

    yay i can see me on the door :)

  4. Your cake is there too somewhere!

  5. ooh i see it!

    tell eckel to keep an eye on his myspace, gonna message him about some work :) x

  6. Fin dør, jeg er sikker på, det bliver det fineste tattoo studie i hele verden. Jeg vil SÅ gerne tatoveres der en dag! :)