Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The great conspiracy

We have moved!
We are far from done, but we're here and so is all our stuff.
We have been spending so much time at the new location lately that i've been dreaming about painting panels, and i know for a fact that our professional painters feel the same way.
But once this place is done, it'll be amazing.
And no, there's still no floor in the front room, but there were people in the pit yesterday working on that, so someday soon we will have a front room too!

We spent all of saturday and sunday moving, and a bunch of our sweet friends and family came by the shop to help us.
Martin, Christel, Mille, Nikolaj, Helle, Topper, Anne, Laurits, Suzy, Corey; thanks, we couldn't have done it without you guys!
And a special thanks to Uglen and Jesper (our painters), to Wookie (our electrician) and to Morten and Jonathan (our carpenters and lifesavers) for all of their hard work, help and patience.

Now, under normal circumstances i'd be all over an event as monumental as this with my camera, documenting the crap out of the occasion, but this time there was no time.
Seriously, we were all way too busy to stop and take pictures of every little thing, but here are a few random shots i took when time allowed it.
I wish there were more people in these pictures!

The sketchy people who rented the shop before us left behind a sketchy dream-catcher, Allan is here seen finally evicting it's ass for good
Eckel painting one of the toilets (that's right, we have two now!)
Sunday morning we went to a flea-market, here's Eckel and Corey getting cozy with our new belongings
And me and Lucifer getting cozy in the front seat
Lucifer, finally allowed in the forbidden room of the old shop
Even though the shop was nowhere near done (still isn't) Allan had his first client monday at 12
Our new kitchen chairs (still missing a table though) in our new kitchen
It's even more red in person!
Allans work space monday night, it's all coming together

More pictures... i wanna say "coming soon" but it's probably more like "some day when we're done drilling and painting".

Ps. The official shop opening will be in May, we'll find a date real soon.

Pps. We have no phone until friday, so email us if you need to talk to us about urgent matters.
If it's not urgent, please wait a week or two to write, as i have no time to answer mails these days.


  1. Hold da op, der sker sgu noget! Det blir awesome! Skal jeg maile billederne jeg tog fra moving day?

  2. Tillykke... og god arbejdslyst... Et spørgsmål, uden gulv i det forreste rum, hvordan kommer man så ind?

  3. Det ser mega lækkert ud det nye sted! Glæder mig til at se det! Ses i næste uge.

  4. WOAW, det ser super fint ud, glæder mig til at se det i virkeligheden!

  5. Velkommen til opgangen. Så cool i er rykket ind. Vi ser frem til at hilse på og drikke et glas.

    Best Regards, Rasmus Bak & Libertine-Libertine 3.th

  6. Sune, der er også en dør ud til gaden fra arbejdsrummet, og to til opgangen, så døre har vi nok af!

    Rasmus, 1000 tak, vi glæder os til det bliver færdigt så vi kan invitere jer ned og kigge!

  7. looking good! i love the green stripes.

  8. whyyyy did i have to leave? it looks so good!! and nice kitchen chairs!